👋 I’m Monia,
Your CRM AIssistant

I make sure your deals are up-to-date 24/7 !
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No credit card required
Just chat with me through Microsoft Teams
I update your CRM on your behalf
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You sell. I update your CRM.

I know how boring is to report notes and activities on your CRM. Give me news about your deals and I report it on your behalf !
Stay focused on what you really like: Selling 💜
Book a demoBook a demoNo more worries about CRM data accuracy

No more worries about CRM data accuracy

The more your CRM is updated the more you sell. I update your CRM on your behalf with informations you give to me through Microsoft Teams.
You manager will be impressed (and finally happy)! 😎
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Never ever forget to do the right task at the right moment

I'll help you plan and follow your opportunities to reduce your sales cycle and increase your win rate.
Your bonuses will go up 💰
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I save your time & energy !

You have better things to do than CRM reporting, don’t you think ?
Focus on bigger goals and let me take care of your CRM.
Fill your CRM 5x faster with Monia ⏱️
Monia, your assistant CRM
I’ll be happy to show you what I can do on the most popular CRM
Philippe Lemaire, Monia customer
Philippe Lemaire CEO @Abbana
"I don’t need to remind my team to update the CRM anymore. We can focus on bigger challenges !"
"Our Salesforce has never been so clean. Update opportunities and activities has never been easier and faster !"
"Monia increases the quality and the accuracy of our CRM datas. Now we can make precise turnover forecasts !"
Thomas Penot, Monia customerAlexandre Garnier, Monia customer
Alexandre Garnier, CEO @Dekuple BtoB
Thomas Penot, Sales Director @Nji
Let me show you how I can improve your sales funnel visibility and your revenue forecast !
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Monia, your assistant CRM
Your sales team will love working with me. We will win great deals together !
lukas thys CEO monia
Lukas Thys, founder of Monia
Why keeping your CRM up to date is so hard?
Because people don't like reporting. It's boring and time-consuming.
Talking with Monia is a better, easier and faster way to fill the CRM regularly.
Once you start working with her, you can't go back.